Congratulations to everyone on their A-Level results

With record top results announced today we wanted to say a heart-felt well done to everyone who has just received their A-Level results.  A-Levels this time around emphasized exams more heavily than has been done previously – perhaps meaning a more stressful experience for some, but it’s all over now! Many of you will be … Continue reading Congratulations to everyone on their A-Level results

UK Apprenticeships – changing attitudes?

The shunning of university for getting a job straight from school by UK Millennials is a trend that keeps emerging in the media. But is it just media perception or a reality? A recent report by Grant Thornton suggests that more than half of current university students do not believe that having a degree guarantees a good job.  This … Continue reading UK Apprenticeships – changing attitudes?

Happy New Year from Marc Daniels

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year from Marc Daniels! When January comes around, it can often be a time of contemplation…if you are currently contemplating your next financial career move we’d love to hear from you! #JanuaryChanges #NewYearsResolution #NewJob

The Reality of Part Time working

As you’ll see from our current Jobs, unusually, we have a Part Time Financial Accountant and Part Time Administrator role that we are recruiting for at the moment. Recruiting outright for a part time role is still not the norm despite the increasing desire by many to work this way. This Guardian article explores the benefits … Continue reading The Reality of Part Time working

“…a Crocodile is a Leopard”

This morning, Cormac Marum and Gerry Myton from Harwood Hutton entertained local SME’s with intriguing quotes (such as the one above) and first rate insight into Brexit and the Post Election tax environment. We experienced a wealth of information on what Brexit could mean for business in the short term including VAT implications. Then the seminar … Continue reading “…a Crocodile is a Leopard”

Exclusive SME Breakfast Event

The Election will be over and the next stop is Brexit… Marc Daniels and Harwood Hutton present two hours of powerful insight into the immediate and medium-term prospects for SMEs and owner-managed businesses in one of the most challenging and exciting commercial environments for years. Date: Tues June 13, 2017 Venue: Fredrick’s Hotel, Maidenhead Timing: … Continue reading Exclusive SME Breakfast Event

We are Hiring!

Please contact Marina Billington on 01628 788588  

Counteroffers – should you ever accept one?

Imagine this scenario, you’re feeling undervalued in your current job. It’s a struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and to drag yourself off to your place of work. You feel you’re never given anything challenging to do, and when you get a task done it feels like your manager takes all the … Continue reading Counteroffers – should you ever accept one?

Seven attributes that make the perfect finance professional

Sometimes you stumble across an article that is simply… like gold dust… We found this article on Accountancy Age that clearly show the seven attributes that make the perfect finance professional.  We weren’t surprised to see Intelligence and Experience on the list but other like Digital Awareness and Creativity were more of a surprise. Anyone thinking … Continue reading Seven attributes that make the perfect finance professional

We are now part of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Marc Daniels have just joined our local Chamber of Commerce here in the Thames Valley.  Having experienced the high quality of some of their events already we are very excited about what the next year may hold.  It will be brilliant to meet more locally based businesses in Maidenhead, Reading, Slough and all the surrounding … Continue reading We are now part of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce


Working for Marc Daniels is a unique experience. Throw out any pre-conceptions you may have about what it may be like to work for a typical recruitment consultancy – we are just not like them. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships and that goes for our employees as well as for our clients and candidates.

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