Holiday Pay

Marc Daniels provides a holiday pay scheme to our Temporary Employees. In this section you will find details of how this works and how your holiday pay is calculated.

Marc Daniels holiday pay scheme offers a maximum of 5.6 weeks or 28 days holiday pay per year. The amount of holiday pay you receive will depend upon your earnings.

For each week that you work, you will accrue holiday allowance. This value is calculated as follows:

  • Weekly Timesheet earnings multiplied by 12.07%.
  • The figure of 12.07 is calculated by: (5.6 weeks holiday per annum/46.4 weeks) x100 = 12.07%

Marc Daniels is not responsible for paying holiday pay to workers who work via a Limited Company. It is the Limited Companies responsibility to ensure their workers receive holiday pay. Please inform your consultant when you wish to take your holiday after agreeing the dates with your client, please do not record your holiday on your work timesheet.