Our local MP is now PM

We would like to congratulate our local Maidenhead MP Theresa May on her appointment as Prime Minister.  We hope this will have a positive impact on our local community and businesses in a town that is already undergoing a major redevelopment.

Theresa May is the longest serving home secretary in over 60 years so she has made her views known over time, here’s a quick round up of what we know about her:

  • In the last 6 years as home secretary, May has focused mainly on security and immigration
  • She is no amateur with regard to issues facing businesses having been shadow secretary of state for work and pensions.  Promoting women in business is a particularly important issue to her.
  • She believes in listening to businesses with regard to immigration and understands why businesses often choose to hire workers from overseas, rather than training  our domestic workforce – however she does not believe that looking overseas should be the “default” option.
  • She knows the importance of the Chinese market and what impact Chinese tourism and investment can offer the UK.  She has taken steps to facilitate the access to the UK by Chinese people and businesses.
  • She has an understanding about the need for flexible working, but that legislation on this can be a burden for SMEs

We look forward to seeing how our MP settles into Number 10!


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