Temporary Employment: 5 advantages

1. You are in control

One of the main benefits of temporary working is that you have flexibility. You are not tied into a permanent role, making it easier to leave if there are other opportunities you want to explore. When working as a temporary worker, it is much easier to fit your job around your way of living and to have career breaks.

2. Experience

Another one of the most important benefits is the experience you gain. This is particularly important when it is one of your first jobs, or if you are choosing to change industries or career paths. Once you manage to work on a few contracts with respected companies, this will make your CV stand out more and will give you a much better chance at finding new opportunities

3. You still have rights and are protected

As a temporary worker, you still have the same rights as your permanent colleagues, you are still entitled to benefits like holiday allowance and sick pay.

4. Time out

Temporary working allows you to have time out for yourself. If you feel you need to have some time off, once your contract finishes, you can do this easily before starting your next role.

5. “Temp-to-perm”

Sometimes, it opens the door to a permanent job, often referred to as “temp-to-perm.” These jobs give both the employee and the employer an opportunity to see how they work together. It is also an excellent opportunity to prove your value to the company and show them why you would be a great addition to their permanent staff.


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