UK Apprenticeships – changing attitudes?

The shunning of university for getting a job straight from school by UK Millennials is a trend that keeps emerging in the media. But is it just media perception or a reality?

A recent report by Grant Thornton suggests that more than half of current university students do not believe that having a degree guarantees a good job.  This coupled with the certainty of significant student debt from a university degree has left many wondering why they should go to university at all.

Whilst a university degree is highly regarded, it is by no means the be all and end of a career.  Encouragingly, Grant Thornton’s study has revealed that 86% of employers currently offer apprenticeships.  This is even expected to rise by 50% in the next five years.

Here at Marc Daniels we’ve certainly noticed more A-Level students wanting to start their finance careers earlier and also employers willing to offer appropriate jobs for these individuals.

Apprenticeships can be a fantastic way of getting into a company, whatever the industry, and guaranteeing your right to training.

Apprentices are highly valued by their employers because:

  • Their training and developing is tailored to the needs of their business
  • Apprentices bringing in new, innovative ideas
  • They can increase social mobility within an organisation.

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