Remote working: How Coronavirus has changed the way we work

Although the number of people working remotely across Europe was increasing anyway, the on-going COVID-19 pandemic may have forced your company to focus on remote hiring and working from home for the foreseeable future.  Remote work has seen particularly dramatic change. In surveys, 72% of executives say that their organisations have started adopting permanent remote-working models. Similarly, 70% of employees say that being able to work from home for at least part of the week is a top criterion in selecting their next job.

Many businesses, small or large are already seeing the advantages of a remote workforce and are reporting the following benefits:

  • Less commuting time.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Better work–life balance.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Increased motivation.
  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Reduced need for office space.

Seeing these benefits, we think remote working is here to stay, and while the idea isn’t a new one, the technology is now available to make it much easier and cheaper to do it successfully. According to some sources, 50% of the UK workforce will be working from home or out of office within the next few years.


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